Where to Go Online to Get The Best Travel Deals

If you were to search for the best travel deals online then you would be met with at least a billion possible responses, which doesn’t exactly help narrow down your search really. But there are a host of sites that offer better deals and more reputable than others, the last thing you want to do is fall for a holiday scam and have the worst time of your life because you didn’t use a trustworthy site. So whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaway or for a long beach holiday, here are our top travel sites to help you get the most bang for your buck.


This is the website that most people who are looking for great holiday deals will be aware of. It is in fact seen as quite an iconic site that has survived its initial boom and is still going strong. Don’t be tricked by its name though, you can book much more than just last-minute holidays. The site offers details for pretty much any travel bookings you might require and is generally a good choice for anyone who is looking for a beach holiday.

A feature a lot of people enjoy is the ‘secret hotel’ deal, where you get a good deal but don’t find out your hotel until you have paid!


Groupon has come to prominence over the past few years and is renowned for offering up fresh new deals on a daily basis. In regards to their holiday deals it is likely you will see there is either the choice for an all-inclusive spa style holiday or getaway deals. These deals range from locations around the UK and can save you considerable amounts of money to the more far-a-field holiday destinations. Be sure to check out the small print but you will find that Groupon do a good job at outlining the details and stipulations.


Secretespaces is referred to as one of the best ‘flash sale’ holiday websites, covering destinations both at home and abroad. If you are looking for a relatively high-end holiday that includes a four to five-star hotels then this is the site for you! A factor that draws people to using the site is that you can often save over 50% of what booking the holiday and hotel would cost you if you were to do it directly through the hotel. What can sometimes deter people form the site is that it is a ‘members only’ site but in all fairness there is no joining fee and it is simple to do. There also tends to be an additional booking fee, especially when a booking is over £99 (which most tend to be), which is unfortunate. But what the site does well is to spell out the deals and savings and they aren’t shy at comparing their deals to other providers, they even provide a link to the other sites so you can check its legitimacy.