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Here are some comments made to a few of the posts.  I wanted to reply to all comments, just so whoever made them know they were read and to give some feedback to what was written.

From: Sue
Post: Birthdays and Baseball

Rod Stewart, huh? Wow, how things change.

Sue is a huge Angels' fan...and she's also my ex-wife.  She was smart enough to marry me in 1981 and even smarter to divorce me 13 years later.  When she first met me I was a disco dancin' nerd (now I'm just a nerd), but somehow that didn't scare her off.  So if anyone knows my taste in music, it's her.  She's right, things change and I'm just as surprised as anyone I think Rod Stewart is cool...or at least used to be.  But then, I'm not as cool as I used to be either (I can hear her laughing!).

From: wildwill
Post: Halo Heavens' Mat Gleason Interview

Rev Halofan is an overopinionated jerk who rules Halos Heaven with an iron fist, and if you don't like his opinion, he's going to tell you all about how smart he is and how dumb you are to have a differing opinion. Not the way to grow a site of FANS of the same team.

From what I understand, here's the back-story...wildwill made a post over at the Angels' fansite, Halos Heaven that he deleted once he realized it was a duplicate of someone else post.  And then he created another post criticizing Rev HaloFan (Mat Gleason) and then all hell broke loose.  There were almost 400 comments posted by users over the span of 3 hours. Here's the link if anyone's interested in reading it: Hostility Abounds.   All I can say is, give Halos Heaven another chance.  I've found the people there to be opinionated (in a good way), funny (in a better way), and well informed (in the best way).  I agree, the Rev can be opinionated, and sometimes "course", but he is one of the biggest Angels' fans you'll come across and knows his shit.  I suggest you go back to the site, make some comments, join in during a game thread and you'll have fun.

From: Funke5ive
Post: Birthdays and Baseball

Hey Jim, In 95-96 I worked for Beat-non-Stop, a record store in Hollywood. Rod Stewart came in with his (little sh*t) son, he put down his credit card, and said my son wants to be a D.J.. We hooked him up with turntables, mixers, records, gear, etc. It wasn't even his Birthday. lol Anyway happy 47.......Go Halos

Yeah, my dad once bought me a bike...for Christmas.  A story I remember hearing about Stewart:  During a photo shoot with Stewart and his band Faces, the photographer said that the lighting was making Stewart look bad.  Apparently, Rod turned to one of his bandmates and said if the lighting was making him look bad, he couldn't imagine what it was making the other guys look like.  Money, looks, super models...everything I've never had.

From: NoDakHalo
Post: Halo Heavens' Mat Gleason Interview

Love the point about season tickets. I have always felt that the way the system is set causes Angel Stadium to be a rather mild atmosphere for visiting teams to play in and die hard fans to thrive.

I thought that was interesting too.  What NoDakHalo is referring to is Mat Gleason's comment that if he were running the Angels, one of the things he would change was no season tickets, you had to buy single game tickets.  I haven't been to an Angels game in a few years (since I live 2000 frickin' miles away), but i remember going to games and there would be almost as many visiting teams' fans as there were Angels fans.  Usually this wasn't a huge problem, but when the Red Sox or Yankees were in town, the douche-baggery of the fans went up exponentially.

From: Tony
Post: Angels Video


From: Steve
Post: Angels Video

That's the funniest frickin' thing I ever saw.

These two comments are about the Angels video which has Angels' owner Arte Moreno being portrayed by Hitler.  I had seen other videos on YouTube using the same German movie clip in which Hitler's car gets stolen, Hitler gets kicked from X-Box live, Hitler gets a new bike, and I thought one about the Angels recent struggles would be funny.  I admit, I giggled the whole time I was making it.  I'm glad there's other people who have the same distorted sense of humor as me.

From: Steve
Post: Do The Angels Miss Maicer

Jim: I just found your blog today, following Tim over from MLBTR. Really, just excellent stuff here. I'm an Angels fan going back to 1979. I watch about 120 games a year or so. It would be more but I'm blacked out for A's games, a situation which infuriates. I look forward to keeping up with you here as we cruise into the post-season and push for a title with the best Angels team I've ever seen.

Thanks Steve!  Since I no longer live in SoCal, but B.F. Wisconsin, I miss games when the Angels are playing the Twins because of MLBTV's blackout policy.  From what I've read, that policy is changing next year and all games will be available online.  Recently, MLB made a change where you can select which team's feed you want to watch online.  I always look forward to hearing Rex Hudler's head explode (I love that guy).

From: Sue
Post: 100.9 (Nolan Ryan breaks speed record)

Interesting....You forgot to mention that you loved him so much you named your son after him!

She's talking about the fact that our son's name is Ryan.  Okay, I confess...I kinda like Nolan Ryan.  I guess she'd know, we had entire wall in our family room covered with Nolan Ryan baseball cards.

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