Angel Off-Season Moves - Update

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Many things have been written about possible Angels' off season moves.  I've written a little about what I think might or should happen, but here's my updated thoughts on what I think will happen.  I have no inside information or special skills that make my predictions carry any weight, but I read a lot of information and I do have some common sense.  I've rated my predictions as: ●●●●● = Done Deal, ○○○○○ = Ain't Happenin'.

Angels Do Nothing (●○○○○)
The easiest thing the Angels can do is nothing.  Don't sign any free agents, don't make any trades and let the season start with what they already have.  This wouldn't be the worst thing to happen as the Angels already have a good team with deep pitching and adequate replacements for their departing free agents, plus the additional picks they would receive for other teams signing their free agents would help rebuild the farm system .  They are fortunate to be playing in the weakest division in the American League where no other team is likely to put any pressure on the Halos for the top spot.  Oakland has made one big move so far this off season by adding Matt Holliday, and look to be in the hunt for Rafael Furcal.  The A's are the best team to challenge the Angels and with the addition of one or two players, they have the ability to make the division race very close.  Projected line-up:

C - Napoli SP - Lackey
1B - Morales SP - Santana
2B - Kendrick SP - Saunders
SS - Aybar SP - Weaver
3B - Wood SP - Mosely
LF - Figgins  
CF - Hunter CL - Arredondo
RF - Guerrero  
DH - Matthews  

Not bad, but would need breakout years from Brandon Wood and Kendry Morales, and a healthy Kendrick to have any chance in the postseason.  Maicer Izturis would provide some infield depth, but they would lack proven outfield help except for Reggie Willits.

Angels Sign Mark Teixeira (●●●○○)
I'm not as convinced of Teixeira's return as I was a month ago.  I was previously 90% certain Teix would re-sign with the Angels, but now that Boston has seriously entered the Teixeira market, I'm not so sure, as the Red Sox have the means to put up the cash to get him.  In a Fox Sports article by Ken Rosenthal, there is a poll with the question; Where Will Teixeira sign?  46% answered "Red Sox" (23% answered "Angels")  Of all of the things I've read recently, none of the articles state that the Angels have even made an offer.  Today I read this.  The writer of this article doesn't say who the source is, but writes the Angels are reluctant to offer Teixeira more than 6 years because they've seen "something in his knee that bothers them".  If there's something wrong with his knee then why even offer him any contract?  Others claim the Angels are now focusing their attention on signing C.C. Sabathia in order to make Teixeira/Boras think they're starting to lose interest.  I don't think Arte Moreno does business that way and if they truly are now looking into signing Sabathia, then so long Teix.

Angels Sign C.C. Sabathia (●●●○○)
New articles (here, and here) out in the blogoshere claim the Halos are now focusing on Sabathia.  Signing Sabathia would give the Angels the best starting rotation in baseball, plus it would give them depth to trade for an impact bat...or else they could have Sabathia DH on his days off (just kidding...kinda).  I still think the Yankees will make him an offer he can't refuse.

Angels Sign Manny Ramirez (●●○○○)
For 3 years and $78M.  Some people state it'll take 3 years and $90M to sign Manny, but I just don't see that happening.  There is already rumblings about the economy and player contracts, without any player signings.  I may be naive, but I think once that first big contract gets inked, we'll be hearing a lot more complaining about salaries. And not from just fans, but from baseball and media people, enough to depress contract amounts.  Not a lot, but a little.  Anyway, Manny in Anaheim?  HELL YEAH!

Angels Trade For Jake Peavy (●●○○○)
I don't think this will happen for two reasons; 1) Peavy wants to stay in the National League, and 2) I don't think the Angels have the depth to trade away what the Padres want in return for Peavy...unless they sign Sabathia. 

Angels Sign Adam Dunn (●●●○○)
Dear Tony Reagins - Please sign Adam Dunn.  Thank you.  Okay, let me clarify that.  Please sign Adam Dunn to a reasonable contract and have him bat behind Guererro (who is hitting behind Teixeira).  40 home runs and an .386 OBP would fit nicely into the Angels batting order, regardless of the number of times he strike out.  It's kind of weird looking at Dunn's stats, he's got a horrible batting average, but in 4 of the last 5 seasons he's driven in at least 100 runs and scored 100 runs (okay, 99 in 2006).  It might be hard for some fans to look past the batting average.

Angels Sign Pat Burrell (●○○○○)
Dear Tony Reagins - Please do not sign Pat Burrell.  Thank you.  See Adam Dunn, but 3 years older and worse in the field.

Angels Sign Sabathia and Trade for Peavy (●●○○○)
How awesome would that be??  "That's two Cy Young Award winners (Sabathia and Peavy) from 2007 and three All-Stars (Lackey, 2007; Santana and Saunders, 2008): five starters capable of winning 18 to 20 games each, all 28 or under as the 2009 season opens", writes Lyle Spencer of  The 2009 Angels would essentially be the same as the 2008 Angels, except Kendry Morales would take over at first base, Chone Figgins would replace Garret Anderson in left, and Brandon Wood would become the full-time third baseman.

Angels Sign Somebody (●●●●●)
You know it, I know it, Tony Reagins knows it, everyone knows the Angels will sign someone.  It might be the big splash of one of the players listed above, or a minor signing of a player such as Randy Johnson or Raul Ibanez.  The Angels will sign someone.

And finally...

Angels Sign Teixeira, Sabathia, Ramirez, and trade for Peavy (○○○○○)
Payroll would approach $160M, but come frickin' AWESOME would that be?  If that team stayed healthy, who could beat them?  Imagine how fun that season would be...ahh, a guy can dream can't he?

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  • My first choice for the Angels is obviously Mark Teixeira, but if that doesn't work, I'd be all for the Angels signing Sabathia and Adam Dunn. I view Dunn like I do Mike Napoli... I don't care how low the batting average gets when they hit for that much power and get on base. Plus, you could have this batting order...

    Figgins RF
    Kendrick 2B
    Guerrero DH
    Dunn LF
    Napoli C
    Hunter CF
    Morales 1B
    Wood 3B
    Aybar SS

  • Dunn in LF???? Now why would you put him there? His fielding is worse than GA's(which wasnt bad, but could've been better). Nah, if you are going to have Dunn, let him DH. Put Rivera in LF, after signing him of course. Rivera batted .280, with 20+ home runs AS A BACKUP. Its time we turn Rivera loose on opposing pitchers and give him his shot. This is how I would see their line up if they went with Dunn instead of Tex:
    Figgins 3B
    Kendrick 2B
    Guerrero RF
    Dunn DH
    Hunter CF
    Morales 1B
    Napoli C
    Wood SS

    Yes I put Brandon Wood at short, cuz that is his natural position and his bat was hotter than Aybar's during the last month of the season. Now, if we got Tex back then the line up would change drastically. Having Tex batting fourth behind Guerrero, and having Napoli DH with Mathis catching. The reason for this is that Mathis handles the pitchers better, but Nap has a better bat. So this way you get both needs filled. If Brandon Wood is ready, I mean really ready to go full time, then use Aybar as trade bait with San Diego for Peavy. If not, you can still use Aybar to trade with but only if San Diego includes their shortstop which is another power bat. Oh I know it will take more than just Aybar to trade with but we do have plenty to trade with, just in the farm system. Bud Black would relish having any one of the Angels or from their farm system.
    Finally, there is also those added quirks that you dont find out until preseason. Like is Matt Brown ready to play third? He might have a terrific spring training that puts a welcomed wrench in the plans. Same goes for any position, you just never know. But first there is the free agents out there, then the winter meetings where trades happen, and then spring training where anything can happen. Gawd I love baseball..........lmao.

  • As it stands right now, the Halos 2009 payroll will be at about $85M. Assuming a maximum budget of around $125M, they have up to about $40M to potentially add. So, I'm thinking two major moves and one minor one. I'm hoping they add two bats and one pitcher.

    My possible scenarios:
    (1) Sabathia, Dunn and Rivera
    (2) Texeira, Peavy and Rivera
    (3) Ramirez and a stop-gap starter

    Personally, I prefer #2, but I don't think the Halos will pull the trigger on a trade (I'm thinking a minor league pitcher (not Adenhart), Morales, Wood and Willits for Peavy).

    I wholeheartedly agree with Jim's comments about rebuilding our farm system. It's not as full of talent as it was 3-4 years ago (a lot of the talent has made it to the majors and we've continued to lose our top picks with free agent signings). Assuming the Angels offer aribtration to Tex, K-Rod, Oliver, and Garland, that translates to 7 additional picks. With either #1 or #2, we would have 5 high picks.

  • All of these scenarios that invclude Aybar at short are flawed. Didn't you watch the postseason. He's a choke machine with the maturity of a five year old. Put Isturis in there and trade aybar!

  • Matt: I agree with you, Napoli and Dunn is a good comparison. I'm looking forward to next season and watching Naps explode when he gets more playing time. I think I'd switch Dunn and Figgins in the OF though, but I'd prefer Figgins at 3B with Wood at SS.

    Terry: Yes, Wood at SS! If he hits .250 with 25 HR that's still better than a lot of other SS in the majors. Those numbers and solid defense...sounds good to me. BTW, Rivera is a free agent would have to be re-signed. I would have liked to have seen Rivera get more playing time last season, it would have made the decision on what to do with him this year easier. I think he would have done much better with more playing time, at an above average replacement level.

    G.T.: I think you're right about the moves...2 major ones and one minor. I know everyone loves Teixeira (including me), but I'd rather see Manny for two years with Morales at 1B and Dunn splitting time with Vlad in RF/DH. I know Manny can be a douche, but it'd sure be fun to watch. The minor move I'd like to see is the Angels signing Randy Johnson for a year to fill the #5 spot in the rotation, plus we'd get the bonus of seeing him win his 300th game in an Angels uniform.

    Tom S.: Aybar is the #3 option at SS in my opinion, and I'd like to see him get traded for some bullpen help. Wood at SS with Isturis filling in at 2B and SS is what I'd like to see next season.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • I'm revising my prediction/wish list based on what has happened so far in the offseason. I think the Halos can add $30-35M to their payroll. Here's my wish list:
    1. Tex and Peavy. $33M. 4 picks.
    2. Tex, Rivera and Cordero. $32M. 4 picks.
    3. Manny and Cordero. $29M. 5 picks.
    4. Peavy, Dunn and Rivera. $31M. 6 picks.
    5. Peavy, Dunn and Cordero. $29M. 6 picks.

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